Bacterial fruit blotch (BFB)

Testing Method

Submitted samples are divided into subsamples for below tests. Whole amount of samples are exhaustively used.
1) Culturing     :
Sweat-bag Seedling Method
(Japanese Patent No.4633645; National Center for Seeds and Seedlings)
2) Genetic analysis :
Endpoint PCR **Aac specific primer
Realtime PCR **Aac / Aaa specific primer
(Joint R&D with Tokushima University method)
RealTime PCR **Aac specific primer (Modified ISHI method)
3) Medium test   :
AacSM selective medium
4) Inoculation test

Test Samples and Recommended Amounts of Samples

Samples    :
Cucurbitaceae seeds
Small seed   :
Citrullus lanatus, Cucumis melo,
Cucumis sativus etc.
Large seed   :
Cucurbita spp, Benincasa hispida,
Momordica charantia var. pavel, Lagenaria siceraria etc.
Recommended Amounts of Seeds : at least 10,000 or 30,000 seeds /lot
*Please contact us below if you request increase or decrease of submitting samples.
*Please contact us about the request for Plant Tissue.

Inspection Items

  1. I.Endpoint PCR (Genetic Analysis)
  2. II.Realtime PCR (Genetic Analysis)
  3. III.Endpoint PCR + Selective medium
  4. IV.Realtime PCR + Selective medium
  5. V.Endpoint PCR + Selective medium + Inoculation test
  6. VI.Realtime PCR + Selective medium + Inoculation test
For more information about the price and schedule, please contact us below.

How to Submit a Sample

Prior to submitting a sample, please ask for the Sample Submission Forms. Please fill it out and enclose it with the sample.


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