FASMAC is a food analysis and biotechnology company in Japan. At the time of its establishment, in 2001, FASMAC was the first company in Japan which undertook molecular biological approaches i.e. real-time PCR and DNA sequencing in food analysis. These proven techniques were at the beginning developed at Bioscience Division of Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd. (NIPPN), which had been concentrated in food engineering, food analysis, DNA synthesis, and genetic analysis.
A wider range of in-house food analyses had made it possible to purvey information particularly with respect to GMO testing. The detection was developed based on PCR in collaboration with NIPPN, Asahi Beer Co., Ltd., and the National Food Research Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan (MAFF). FASMAC applied this technique as it was recognized as an authorized technique in the handbook of Japan National Standards (MAFF-JAS) analysis testing as well as the guideline of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan (MHLW) including MHLW food safety guideline for unidentified species. Hence, these competences gave a credible distinction that underline the quality of FASMAC services in compliance with the concerns raised by consumers and regulatory agencies on demand for dependable and accurate testing method for food.