GenCheck Hot-Start PCR Mix(2X)
This is a 2X premix type for hot-start PCR containing fundamental PCR reagents including high versatility enzyme and dNTP mixture. The specific enzyme could yield high amplification efficiency of target DNA.
  1. Optimized buffer composition enables highly specific PCR
  2. Premix type does not require complicated PCR mixture preparation
  3. TdT activity enables PCR products for TA cloning application
GenCheck DNA Extraction Reagent
A rapid DNA extraction kit for various samples e.g. blood, animal cells, plants, bacteria, fungi, foods, etc. Only around 15 minutes required to obtain DNA for amplification such as PCR, etc.
  1. Requires at least one micro-tube
  2. Only requires heat treatment, complicated instruments is not required
  3. Only takes ca. 15 minutes to extract DNA
  4. Extracted DNA can be applied for genetic analysis

Example protocols
General samples
  1. Weigh 10 mg pulverized samples in 1.5 or 2 ml of micro-tube with screw caps if possible. Add 100 μL of DNA Extraction Reagent.
  2. Vortex and mix well
  3. Heat up for 10 min at 100℃
  4. Cool down on ice for 1 min
  5. Centrifuge at 15,000×g, 1min, room temp
  6. Collect supernatant
  1. Add 100 μL DNA Extraction Reagent 100 into 1.5 or 2 ml of micro-tube with screw caps if possible. Pick and suspend Bacterial colony
  2. Vortex and mix well
  3. Heat up for 10 min at 100℃
  4. Cool down on ice for 1 min
  5. Centrifuge at 15,000×g, 1min, room temp
  6. Collect supernatant
GenCheck DNA Extraction Kit[TypeS/F]b
GenCheck® DNA Extraction Kit Type S/F is a kit for extracting DNA from soil and fecal samples. With extraction solution of special composition, DNA can be extracted from not only non-volcanic ash soil but also volcanic ash soil that is difficult to extract.
GenCheck® DNA Extraction Kit Type S/F combines chemical lysis method with a surfactant and a physical cell disruption method using Beads Beating to extract DNA. As a result, DNA can also be extracted from microorganisms with strong cell walls. Therefore, soil DNA and fecal DNA that reflect the actual microorganism group structure can be obtained.
DNA is collected by centrifugation using a membrane based spin column. Therefore, DNA can be extracted easily and quickly without preparing nucleic acids by ethanol precipitation.
The extracted soil DNA and fecal DNA are suitable for soil analysis and the intestinal flora analysis using next-generation sequencing and PCR-DGGE analysis to analyze microbial community structure of the microorganisms present in soil and feces.
  1. Apply the combination of chemical lysis method and the physical cell disruption method
  2. Extract DNA from microorganisms with strong cell walls using Beads Beating
  3. Extract DNA easily and quickly using spin column.

Example protocols
Bead tube (up to 500mg of sample material)
  1. 950μl of Lysis Solution M
  2. 50μl of Lysis Solution S
  3. Micro smash 4,600rpm, 45sec (Beads Beating)
  4. 1hr, 65℃
  5. 12,000xg, 1min, room temp.
600μl of Supernatant
  1. 2μl of RNase (100 mg/mL)
  2. 10min, 37℃
  3. 400μl of Purification solution
  4. Mix
  5. 600μl of Chloroform
  6. Vortex 15sec
  7. 20,000xg, 15min, room temp
800μl of Supernatant
  1. 800μl of 100% EtOH
  2. Mix
  1. Load 800μl sample (contain precipitates) onto the spin column
  2. 13,000xg, 30sec, room temp
  3. Load remaining sample
  4. 13,000xg, 30sec, room temp
  1. 600μl of Wash solution1, 13,000xg, 1min, room temp
  2. 600μl of Wash solution1, 13,000xg, 1min, room temp
  3. 600μl of Wash solution2, 13,000xg, 1min, room temp
Place the spin Column into a new tube
  1. 100μl of TE
  2. 3min, room temp
  3. 13,000xg, 1min, room temp
GenCheck Hot-Start PCR Mix(2X)
Product Code GC005-1N
Size 1.25mL
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GenCheck DNA Extraction Reagent
Product Code GC001-1N
Size 20mL
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GenCheck DNA Extraction Kit[TypeS/F]
Product Code GC002-1N
Size 50 preps
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We offer customers high quality brands i.e. DNA Craft and DNA Loupe for gene synthesis products and DNA sequencing services, respectively. We provide solutions by applying advanced information technology and bioinformatics environment with a proven capacity to handle much larger scale of database, outputting more accurate datasets. Simple oligo ordering system has also been being the key parts to allow clients to access and assure their orders delivered on time.
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