We offer customers high quality brands i.e. DNA Craft and DNA Loupe for gene synthesis products and DNA sequencing services, respectively. We provide solutions by applying advanced information technology and bioinformatics environment with a proven capacity to handle much larger scale of database, outputting more accurate datasets. Simple oligo ordering system has also been being the key parts to allow clients to access and assure their orders delivered on time.
Our services in food analysis offers wider range of in-house food analyses such as GMO testing, allergen, and etc. We do our best to provide our customers with the highest quality of analytical data to keep the competitiveness of their products, worldwide, for which the completed reports will be kept as confidential under a signed contract. We also manufactures and markets food testing kits and reagents e.g. GenCheck DNA extraction and PCR kits.
We create new value to customers by actively engaging in collaboration projects with researchers in Japan and overseas through our Business and Development Unit. These efforts have successfully promoted more advanced technologies and are expected to give bigger contribution in the field of molecular biology.