Testing Method

Submitted samples are divided into subsamples for below tests. Whole amount of samples are exhaustively used.
1) Genetic analysis  :
Endpoint PCR and Realtime PCR
(The test method based on ISPM)
2) Sequence Analysis :
Sequencing by Sequence Analysis and Blast Homology Search

Test Samples and Recommended Amounts of the Sample

Samples : Tomato/Pepper seeds, Petunia, Astraceae, Lemon, etc.
*Please contact us about the request for Plant Tissue.
Recommended Amounts of Seeds : at least 10,000 or 30,000 seeds /lot
*Please contact us below if you request increase or decrease of submitting samples.

Inspection Items

  1. I. Genetic analysis
    (PSTVd, CSVd, TCDVd, TPMVp, MPVd, CLVd, TASVd, PCFVd and/or CEVd)
  2. II. Genetic analysis + Sequence Analysis
    (PSTVd, CSVd, TCDVd, TPMVp, MPVd, CLVd, TASVd, PCFVd and/or CEVd)
Select the targets for the inspection.
For more information about the price and schedule, please contact us below.

How to Submit a Sample

Prior to submitting a sample, please ask for the Sample Submission Forms. Please fill it out and enclose it with the sample.


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